Gothic hall in Berlin Kreuzberg

Even though cathedrals were the outstanding buildings of the Gothic period, there are many other interesting buildings in Germany that were built in gothic style. The imposing Gothic hall, situated in the Palace of the Citadel, was built in the 15th century. It is located in the former Schultheiss Brewery in the Viktoria district and is a hall for special occasions. With its distinctive rib vaults, the gothic hall, which is located in the protected Schmiedehof, is one of the few surviving brewery buildings from the time. At the time of the war, the hall served as a sanctuary for horses. From the 1950s onwards, it became a working chapel. According to the statement, the walls and ceilings in the prayer room should have been adorned with angelic murals and pictures of the Virgin Mary. Later (around 1980), the hall was painted white and converted into a painting workshop.


Gothic hall today

In 1993 the brewery was closed. Since that time the building had been empty. Michael Kubitscheck took over the hall as a shell construction in 2015. The reconstruction took two years to the venue. The gothic room for weddings is especially in demand. But due to the special construction in the neo-gothic style, it is often also booked for classical concerts. The perfectly tuned sound room makes it possible for musicians to concentrate acoustically. Goth music does play here as well. Seminars and yoga classes are also held here. In the historical venue in the heart of Berlin, there is space for 150 people. For occasional standing, about 220 people can be accommodated.

Gothic hall
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